Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colossus - 2/17 Caledonia Lounge

Is a crappy iPhone picture better than no picture at all? Discuss.

If there was a throwback video game in which the underdog bests the giant in a Roman gladiator match where wit, speed, and courage conquer all, Colossus would supply the soundtrack. While their stage banter and occasionally sci-fi inspired lyrical content might be humorous, their technical skill is dead-serious and awe-inspiring, particularly the dueling shredders on either side of the singer.

Every member of this band PERFORMS. Theatrical triumph, contorting shred-faces,  and metal band bravado come across as victorious and never pompous or cliche.

Colossus is everything I've ever wanted to watch in a metal band (okay, some pyrotechnics might be fun, but The Caledonia staff appreciates when bands leave those at home.) Their t-shirts aptly reflect their charm: a black cotton tee with classic metal imagery: pentagrams, skulls, goats, and cryptic symbols, balanced by two strategically placed circular designs in the chest area, and Lorem Ipsum text (standard place holder text used by graphic designers) in a medieval font, hinting at a Satanic ritual book; the attitude and style you expect from a metal band, with subtle jokes mixed in for those quick enough to catch them.

These guys don't take themselves too seriously, though based on their talents, I wouldn't fault them if they did.

Headliner Savagist sounded amazing, but that was expected. 


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