Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom Harper's Bazaar Shoot

Harper's Bazaar shot Bill Murray and Kara Hayward to celebrate the release of Moonrise Kingdom. We're still awaiting news of a "now showing" date for Athens. My coworker at Cine said we will get it eventually, it's just unclear exactly what date. Her boyfriend who works at Beechwood said they will probably get it, and if they do, they'll probably show it briefly before Cine can. So in short: no news. 

 Photographer: Jake Chessum. Fashion Editor: Roxane Danset. Hair: Ward for Living Proof; Makeup: Alice Lane and Kara Hayward; manicure: Myrdith Leon-McCormack for Dior Vernis; grooming: Rheanne White for Kiehl's; production: Nicole Hektner and Larry McCrudden for the Custom Family; production design: Kris Moran; set design: Anne Koch.

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