Friday, February 24, 2012

Local Music: Vincas Album Release Show Tonight at Caledonia Lounge

Blood Bleeds is streaming below. Album art by Matt Cherry (Maserati, Wizard Smoke.)

Vincas' debut LP Blood Bleeds is a highly recommended listen, consistent start to finish.

While Blood Bleeds is a debut release for the trio, each member is a veteran of Athens music scene. Chris McNeal provides strong vocals, sometimes brooding, sometimes growling, with a few hints of psychobilly ala The Cramps. On Blood Bleeds, McNeal is able to flex the vocal chords that rest during his instrumental performances with Maserati, as well as bass, with Scott Kviklys on guitar and vocals, and Joe McMullen on drums.

Evident on the record, but especially noticeable live, is the way these guys can balance full-speed power and intensity with restraint; working around each other instead of each member overpowering the other, and going off on a brief psych tangent, but bringing it back in tightly before becoming self-indulgent. 

They'll be celebrating with an album release show tonight at Caledonia Lounge with The Darnell Boys and Atlanta's Gentleman Jesse & His Men (who also have a new record out March 20.) Vincas are a band that don't over do it when it comes to playing out, so this might be your last chance to see them for at least a month or two.

For fans of: The Scientists, Gun Club, Early 80s Australian Rock like Radio Birdman,  The Birthday Party, No-Wave, The Stooges, The Cramps, Suicide

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