Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rare Laurie Spiegel 70s Analog Synth Track Used in "The Hunger Games"

Photo via Wired
Very cool story on Wired today. While it didn't make it to the Billboard-charting soundtrack album, a rare piece of abstract electronic music from pioneering composer Laurie Spiegel, recorded on analog synths and tape machines, was used in The Hunger Games.

The article says her 1975 album The Expanding Universe is set for reissue this fall. Can I go ahead and get on a pre-order list for that? I couldn't find anything online yet indicating who is releasing it.

From the Wired interview:

Spiegel said she worked out “Sediment,” using graph paper and a ruler to get the timing of the layers right.

“People who are in love with vintage analog now don’t understand what it was like to work with analog synths before computers, and before multitracks,” she said with a laugh. Multitrack recording existed in 1972, but it was still the province of studios and the very rich.

“There are quite a few films and TV shows lately that actually have strong female protagonists, who aren’t just co-stars to a male hero,” Spiegel said. “We have yet to get to the point where we see a lot of female composers appearing in soundtrack credits, but maybe that will change.”

Visit Wired and read the full interview. 

I'm currently reading the book now, and this article makes me anxious to finish and see the film.

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