Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heavy Cream - "John Johnny"

In my mind's eye, I'm currently jamming to Heavy Cream's Super Treatment, while wearing an intimidatingly urban-chic, black leather jacket, and skipping ALL personal responsibilities in order to fully groove to "John Johnny," as it's well-deserved. The project, produced by Babe Ambassador Ty Segall, marries the Nashville band with ubiquitous elements of the San Franciscan sonic scape, including the omnipresent fuzz and distortion overlaid on top of garage punk foundations.

Listen to the track "John Johnny" and I challenge you not to have fun.

P.S. - Record nerds out there, I hope someone was able to snatch up one of the limited edition red/clear swirl vinyl of Super Treatment that came with...wait for it...customized shampoo.

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