Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Wishlist

Clockwise from top right:

Sidney Clog Boots in Bordeaux Leather
from Lotta From Stockholm
I adore my other pair of clogs from Lotta. They're so well made, and so comfortable.

MELT Sandalwood/Suede candle
from Target
I like candles at home, but I'm not a big fan of fruity scents. This is one of the least expensive earthy scented candles I've come across.

Rane Brass Scarab Turquoise Beetle Cuff
from Max & Chloe 

Fox Crewneck Sweater
from Old Navy

Maguba Casablanca bootie
from Lotta from Stockholm
I don't often wear much of anything with a heel, but my other pair of Lotta's clogs are more comfortable than most flats I own. These look like they'd be cozy and stable, with a little bit of a heel, and the deep red color would go with anything. Christmas list contender.

Panther ear tunnels 
from ASOS

Wide Brim Hat
from Gap
Why wouldn't you want to look like Indiana Jones this winter?

Richer Poorer Swindler Socks
from ASOS

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