Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hear: Cy Dune - "Where the Wild Things"

It's been a good day at work. I'm thrilled to be handling publicity for Cy Dune (Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family) and today Pitchfork premiered the first single off the upcoming EP, and Vice premiered the video. Working for friends is fulfilling, and I can't wait until release week, when I can share the whole EP. No Recognize is full of noisy, gritty, psychedelic anthems.

To celebrate Cy Dune’s upcoming No Recognize EP, cans of spray paint were shot over canvases with handguns in the Arizona desert south of Tucson by a group of local musicians, artists, poets, and pedal makers. Plumes of color exploded into the desert air, and onto the canvases.

The day resulted in about 22 paintings. These paintings are on sale now at  the Family Tree Records website. As a creative alternative to a limited edition 7”, each painting comes with a download code for the EP’s lead single, “Where the Wild Things,” as well as a limited track not available anywhere else. The 12” canvases are be $30, and two sets of large diptychs, $100 each, have already sold out. 

The No Recognize EP will be available digitally on February 4 and on vinyl March 5 on Family Tree Records. A full length is planned for later in the year.

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