Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lately: Holidays

It's been a busy holiday season and I have a lot to be grateful for. Mainly, I'm home with my parents, all of us safe and sound, with a bloody mary next to me and a few day hiatus from answering work emails. During my time out of the office, I've been able to indulge in sharing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners around friends I don't get to see that often. I've even done laundry and gone on afternoon walks! Daylight hours really are wonderful.
 Some of my ladyfriends threw a stellar party at Cine, and we got to ham it up in the photo booth. 

We had an office warming party at our new space, and I got to put one of our clients from The Olivia Tremor Control to work. I wanted those reports on my desk immediately.
The Rookie Yearbook was one of my favorite Christmas presents: entertaining essays for young women that acknowledge their intelligence. I wish this had been around when I was 15, but I'm glad to have it at 25.
Steppin' out with Jojo for a Christmas party! Modern Skirts have a New Year's Eve show at Georgia Theatre with Kishi Bashi and Yip Deceiver. Get yer tickets here!
 Job perk! Holiday boxed set from Team Clermont client Sufjan Stevens, containing tattoos and stickers!
 I'll admit I got a little worried on 12/21/12 when I looked outside and this is what I saw. The weather was wild, and the power was out or flickering at several places I went that night.
 Amazing Christmas cards from MTV Hive: Bon Iver, Action Bronson, and Frank Ocean in classic scenes from A Christmas Story.

My sweet roommate surprised me with an arrowhead necklace from Laurel Hill for Christmas! It's perfect. (I was trying to do my makeup like the Bond girl in Skyfall. It didn't work.)
Stocked up on hard cider making supplies at Blockader, our local brewing supply store. I started a few batches before leaving home, so they'll be waiting and ready for me by New Year's Eve! Expect a DIY hard cider post in the new year.

We did it! We survived Christmas party season!

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