Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's been a busy winter so far. I don't fancy myself someone that goes out all the time, but lately I've realized I've been out almost every night at this friend's show or that friend's event. Not complaining, but I can't wait for time around Christmas with no plans. I decided to skip the Dan Deacon show tonight since I've been feeling so backlogged about life stuff (catch all for chores, bills, non-work email, and everything else I've been less than on top of this month.) It was a good choice, even though I know it will be a good show.

A few weeks ago I got to help with an of Montreal video for the song "Feminine Effects." You can watch the video here, and maybe even spot me in the background as a cloaked creeper.

Liz & Dick provided provided plenty of laughs, and the vintage costuming was fun to oggle.
 Over Thanksgiving I spent a day with dad at the range. He was a proud papa.
My copy of the Sinkane record came in the mail, and I've been listening to it nonstop. 
We had some extra help at the office. 

And I even made it into pajamas before 10PM one night!

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