Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Home Tour: My House

I have a blast photographing home tour posts, and last year I had the camera turned around on my own home for my friend Mattie's blog. (Can you believe I kept it clean long enough to get through every room?) Some of my favorite shots of my place are below, and you can view the entire post at Somethings.


Dia De Los Muertos Display Calavera Skeleton Paper Mache Papeleria
  I made a Dia De Los Muertos display in our window for Halloween, and we decided to keep Skelly (a Hometapes family heirloom) in the window all year round.

Louisianna Alphabet red asian chandelier antique home decor
My roommate bought me this crawfish alphabet print while running around junk shops in New Orleans with the prop department for "Beasts of the Southern Wild." The silver stars are leftover decorations from Julian Koster's Music Tapes caroling tour a few years ago. 

Succulents crystals terrarium owl cactus cacti glass potted plants
 Clear glass votive holders make handy pots for tiny succulents, especially if you catch them 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I've had some of these plants almost four years. The long skinny crystal is selenite, a gift from a friend to protect our home.

Cacti and succulents
bentwood rocker Chalkboard paint, Martha Stewart chalk board paint recipe kitchen accent wall yellow rocking chair
I mixed my own custom colored chalkboard paint for the kitchen. My dad and I went to the range with these vintage targets (unintentionally vintage... he keeps things a longgg time :) and I'll be framing them soon. Something about them reminds me of an old Bond movie. 

skull cookie jar lotteria coral antlers
national geographic vintage star map heavens constellations mantle bedrom home decor
 Antlers from dad // boots stamped with Bicentenial jangles // map of the heavens from an old National Georgraphic // gold foam ceiling tiles (super cheap on eBay) // hooks of festival badges from work trips past.

vintage american flag bedroom home decor southwestern americana native blanket red white blue record collection
 Jordache jeans pillowcase // sheepskin blanket // the record corner.

dresser decor bedroom salt lamp wild unknown tarot sage candle
 Painting from Lauren Gregg // my late dog's collar made by Jonny Corndawg // salt crystal lamps // smudge stick // Wild Unknown Tarot. Beautiful deck. // Necklace from one of my favorite clients, Page from Dream Boat / Hope for Agoldensummer. She could it at a powwow in Portland. // My favorite candles right now are earthy scents, and clean burning Mrs. Meyer's.

turquoise sofa vintage animal print DIY linoleum rug painted floor cloth chevron zigzag red room twin peaks
 // Linoleum floor cloth DIY //

stacked american tourister traincases home decor
suzani native american inspired ethnic prints pillow den bohemian sofa lounge livingroom home decor
 // This sofa has been with me since college, which is part of why I keep it hidden under blankets. Our living room is the touring band hotel. //

evil eye turkish eye horseshoe cross charms talisman
// Security system next to the front door //

vintage book page encyclopedia wallpaper DIY
 // Bathroom door is wallpapered with 70s childrens' encyclopedia pages. It's held up pretty well over the years with just double stick tape! //

skeletons skulls art print jose pulido dia de los muertos calavera
 // I love Jose Pulido's prints. //

home decor vintage globe camera fabric art skull dia de los muertos hutch entryway vingette


Later on I realized something was missing from these home tour photos...
This little lady! Willie Mae!
pitbull american staffordshire terrier

And this roommate wrestling with her!
Now that's more like home!

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