Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lately: In like a lion, out like a lion.

This note and gifted music from sweet house guests Leverage Models was a game changer on a rough day.

It's been a wild month.

I've traveled to Savannah, Austin, and Atlanta twice.

I applied for a mortgage. 

I trusted my gut and practiced saying "no" by turning down a roll in an upcoming TV show that would likely air on VH1.

I spent three days in Savannah for Savannah Stopover enjoying time with my coworker, making a solid and inspiring group of new friends, and seeing a bunch of great acts.

After a day or two to pack, put out email fires, and panic, I left Athens at 4AM the following Monday for SXSW, the biggest and most exhausting work trip of the year, made bearable by all of the hugs from work friends and clients I don't get to see often.

A few days after SXSW, I headed to Atlanta and watched one of my oldest best friends marry another dear friend, and successfully completed by second stint as a bridesmaid without tripping over or ripping my dress. While I was a little anxious going into the weekend, reconnecting with so many high school and college friends I hadn't seen in years made for a wonderful time.

I decided to put out a vinyl release for one of my favorite current bands, so I guess that means I have a small label of sorts now. The learning curve has been exciting, albeit a tad nerve-wracking.

I'm grateful for every moment and opportunity March brought, but it also feels like The Incredible Hulk has had each of my lungs in a death grip. I dream about bad emails and vinyl order forms at night, and by day I keep catching myself not breathing and have to remind myself to inhale some air. I feel like I haven't seen my own roommate in a month and we had a tearful reunion when we finally crossed paths today. March has been wonderful and weird.

Now I'm finally home. Easter gave me a reason to stop going-going-going and visit my parents. Now I get to sit in pajamas on my childhood bed, and pick up with the blog again.

I have so many fun posts and giveaways planned for this month, and I can't wait to get back into my stride in April.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Sweet house guests of March:

Leverage Models // New York
The  Suzan // Japan & New York

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