Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SXSW Recap // 2013

I went to SXSW, saw some stuff, hugged some folks, and after playing email catch-up, I was too burned out to want to post anything. Now that I'm playing Lately post catch-up, why not throw these on the 'ol blog? This year was easily the best year yet. Great friends, good catch-ups, and a really productive week while less stressful than years past.

The Suzan stayed with me in Athens before SXSW, so I was so happy to run into them again in Austin. 

 Matthew E. White & buds.

I got to meet one of my blogger crushes, Jessie from Mini Penny, in real life at the Urban Outfitters back lot.
 Majical Cloudz at Spin House. So glad these guys are taking a break in between tour dates to visit us in Athens next week. Fun fact: Devon's dad was Windom Earle on Twin Peaks. Now that I know this, I can't unsee it.

Who needs a frontier photo made when you have an iPhone? Certainly not Maria and I. 
Drooling over Helm boots. 

 Cy Dune rehearsal. Seth (also of Akron/Family) performed with over 30 percussionists. We forgot to put a jar of ear plugs by the door, but our guests were troopers in the 100 decibel room... and that's without microphones on any of the drums!

One of my favorite current bands around, Parquet Courts
Text from Bambara: "We finished shooting a video today! Reid's hair caught on fire, but he's okay! Check it out!"
  HomeTapes family.

This. This is not a joke. This is a real lawyer in Austin, TX.

A sight for sleepy eyes: Athens buds in Austin, Easter Island.

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