Monday, October 28, 2013

Lately: October II

My oral surgeon has some sweet decor
I am now the proud owner of a Sick Sad World t-shirt (Daria reference - buy it here on Etsy) and some ghoul power buttons. 

My friends recently opened a new bar in Normaltown called The Old Pal. It's so cozy in there and I can't wait until they crank up the fireplace this winter. 

The Neutral Milk Hotel shows this week brought so many dear friends to town, including my sweet Dream Boat! I can't wait til I can share the new record with everyone. It's gorgeous. 

This past Saturday, or First Hallowen as I like to call it, we decided to be our pals projection /stage design extraordinaire Nick and keyboard cat Dottie. Going to have to get myself some of these high-tops next paycheck. 
Clockwise from top left: 
Spent yesterday at Ikea. I find that while braving Atlanta Ikea, it helps to remind yourself that at least you're not in a New York Ikea. It also helps to find accidental Borat impressions in the chocolate bars. Choklad: NOT! // Saw this print while on moral support duty for a friend's first tattoo at Pain & Wonder // I've felt like Queen of the Dang French Countryside lately, especially after roasting a whole chicken with lemon and time, and making a white wine mustard sauce for the veggies // Working to get my Etsy shop up and running again. Favorite me in the meantime!

Amusing Web Things of Late: 

SNL spoofs Wes Anderson with a spooky film trailer I wish was real. 

Figured out via A Beautiful Mess what I'll be for Real Halloween, provided I get an evening to myself to make it! 

Speaking of Halloween, I'll be spending it here (and working the photo booth so come early!)

What are you being for Halloween? 

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