Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lately: October

Our office neighbors at 1000 Faces are the loveliest. They keep us caffeinated all day long, and its such a nice morning ritual to walk next door and visit them. 

New favorite cactus shirt from Forever 21 on super sale ($8!), old favorite jeans from Gap.

Lately at work/brag on my clients time: 

Leverage Models received an 8.2 from Pitchfork

Elf Power is on tour with Neutral Milk Hotel and premiered a new video at SPIN.

Howard Ivans (of The Rosebuds and GAYNGS) received nice words from Pitchfork as well. 

Gloom Balloon (Patrick Tape Fleming of Poison Control Center) released a 7" and will tour through a town near you soon. 

My friend Mary and I spent a Saturday experimenting with indigo dyeing. DIY post to come. 

Ran out of coffee yesterday but that's okay because my Parquet Courts EP and mixtape came in the mail. Insert "very nice/a-ok" emoji here. 

It was a busy time getting my BAMBARA boys reading to travel to Europe for tour dates with A Place To Bury Strangers and METZ. Sent them a big box of records (above) and hopefully they won't come home with any of them. 

Amusing Web Things of Late:

The trailer of THE NEXT WES ANDERSON MOVIE has been released!

6 year old B-Girl Terra dances in the video for Jungle's "Platoon," my current workday jam. 

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