Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Places We Love: Ideal Bagel

Ideal Bagel Co. is now open on Broad in the same complex as one of my favorite Athens shops, Treehouse Kid & Craft. For a town with so many restaurants, I've spent a lot of lunch hours stumped on where I can get a solid, satisfying sandwich, in an enjoyable environment, without having to spend $10+ when all's said and done. Ideal Bagel has filled that hole (bad bagel pun in case you missed it.) 

I stopped by last week for an Ideal Lunch: sandwich, side, and a pickle for $7.50. Reuben was hearty and satisfying, and the green salad hit the spot. It's going to be really hard to eat my lunch from home in the work fridge after writing this post.

I haven't tried breakfast there yet, but as far as lunch goes, the price is right and the food is solid. Really looking forward to trying the pecan smoked salmon or smoked Georgia trout on a bagel one of these mornings. Ideal Bagel Co. is an offshoot of Luna Baking, so you can pick up Luna bread loaves there as well. 

Behold! Blurry menu phone photos. 


  1. Alyssa, I didn't even know this place opened yet! We love Treehouse and it's good to know there is a place to grab a bite next door! Cool blog, and more bad bagel puns please! :)

    1. Hi Shayna! Thanks so much for reading! Yep, now we have more excuses to browse Treehouse while telling ourselves "I'm just grabbing lunch!" :)


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