Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frida for your fingers: ChaCha nail decals

Earlier this year, I was bit my the gel manicure bug. I've never really kept up with my nails, but I was able to make gel manicures last up to 5 weeks thanks to bluffing some nail art when they started to grow out. Even with that kind of mileage, regular gel manicures are out of my budget, so last month I bought a home gel manicure kit. While they don't last as long as getting them painted by the pros, I'm really happy with the results. I got the Sensationail kit, but I bet others are equally good, as long as you make sure to paint thin, even coats.

Since all of my hobbies seem to expand infinitely to involve more junk and more money spent, now I'm feeling the nail art bug sink in. While I haven't tested them out yet, I just ordered a handful of nail decals from ChaCha Covers (wonder if the pun is intentional? They are waterslides... ChaCha slides... The ChaCha Slide?)

I can't wait to have Frida on my fingers. $6 a pack is affordable, considering I'll probably paint a solid color, and only do one or two decals per hand.

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