Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Listen: Future Islands - "Seasons"

I feel like my posts have been music-heavy lately, but my friends have been a geyser of good sounds so far this year. I've thought about holding off on posting certain music things in favor of getting more aesthetically driven posts up for an even mix, but that's silly. Who am I kidding? This a a personal blog. To heck with editorial vision, and onward with the things I'm excited about day to day.

My friends Future Islands have a new album on the way, and shared this video recently. As a kid, I told everyone I'd be a cowgirl when I grew up, so I especially appreciate the Western imagery. For more insight on their upcoming album Singles, check out this interview Ian Cohen put together for a Pitchfork update.

Bonus: Listen to "One Day," the other side of the Seasons 7 inch.

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