Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ARROWHAWK Records: One Year Anniversary

Family portrait by AudMelt
In April of last year, with equal parts calculatedness and impulsivity, I decided that finances be damned,  BAMBARA's Dreamviolence LP NEEDED to be on vinyl.

I was going to be thrilled if we managed to break even on colored vinyl within one year. Within five months of receiving the LPs, we surpassed breaking even, in part due to BAMBARA touring their butts off in Europe while I was shipping orders and bugging music writer friends back in the States.

Now one year later, we have releases lined up this year from FEVERER, Dream Boat, and more, and I have an endless supply of love and gratitude for my BAMBARA co-conspirators William, Reid, and Blaze, Jay Steele for walking me through my first vinyl order forms, and all the friends and strangers who bought records.  It's unlikely I would have ever done anything with my long-standing label-lady curiosity if it hadn't been for a band so talented, realistic, dedicated, and caring.

Let's keep making things. 

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