Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Music Nerdery

(Kristine from Mothers as Mac DeMarco)

There really should be a Dragon*Con style event for music nerds to dress up like their favorite musicians. I had way too much fun dressed up as Gram Parsons last night, and saw so many great music-related costumes. My favorites, and some sourced from my all-knowing Facebook friends, below:

Zahira from Wild Moccasins

 HAIM submitted by David Plakon

Dolly Parton, Emmy Lou, and Bonnie Raitt, aka Elizabeth Elliott, Kasey Price, and Jada West 

 Nolen Strals (Double Dagger) as Boo Reed

Christo Troutmant evoking "your eyes" by Peter Gabriel as John Cusack in  Say Anything

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