Sunday, November 18, 2018

Visionworks' new Otis+Grey line

A few months back, Visionworks reached out to see if I'd partner with them to spread the word about their new Otis+Grey line. I'd been so overdue for an eye exam, and I had a blast trying on their new frames.

I chose a pair of red wire frames (OG 7016) with my new prescription and the ClearShield® UV Complete Non-Glare lenses to help with all the hours I spend in front of my inbox and phone. I'm super happy with them, and they survived Greta trying to eat the off my face!

Footnote: shout out to the very kind optometrist who helped me text a friend to come pick me up, since I can't see a dang thing for a good 12 hours after being dilated and couldn't read my phone. I'm super sensitive to it!

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