Monday, March 23, 2020

How to Order Wine Online Cheaply

Hi friends, this week I've been working on grocery lists from my parents and neighbor, and trying to get the garden going in hopes of being able to give food away. I personally find comfort in staying busy, but there's really no right or wrong way to spend your time right now, as long as you're social distancing. 

While it's no substitute for supporting your local small shops, I've been trying to order as much as I can online to fully isolate for a while. 

After checking out a bunch of different online wine options, all of which had hefty shipping fees,  this was the cheapest way I found to order wine: 

2. They will build a four bottle box for you. I re-arranged mine to five $12.99 bottles. This brought me to 5 bottles for $46 and free shipping ($9.20 per bottle). I had my first shipment within 4 days. I'm going to continue doing it monthly with the $12.99 bottles, since that's the same as a low-end bottle at our local shop. 

I also really loved the welcome booklet they included, and how they credit the wine label artists / designers. 

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