Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Air Plants + Mudpuppy Ceramic Pendant Holder

I've been curious about air plants, and this simple, sleek ceramic air plant holder from Mudpuppy Ceramic Studios was the tipping point for me., a great site with daily design deals, has several styles and colors at a discount, but only for the next day or so. I had a $25 credit (if you refer a friend, you get $25 when they make their first purchase!) so I picked up the small black/gold planter (above, $25.20 on fab, $36 retail.) When the sale on Fab ends, you can purchase these directly from the artist, Michael McDowell.

I've seen inexpensive large lots of assorted air plants on eBay and Amazon, so I think I'll get some friends to go in on an order with me and split them up.

I can't wait for this unique and functional piece of pottery to arrive. Time to decide where to hang it!

Any air plant fans out there? How did they fare? How did you display them? Favorite varieties?

(Photo from the artist's website:


  1. This is cool, this is what I am in need a three hanging air plants increasing in size along with the air plant container

  2. Love this! By the way, if plant is put this way and placed indoor, won't it wither easily? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dana!
      These are specifically made for air plants. Air plants use no soil and can hang upside down just fine. A few other plants like tomatoes can also grow upside down in special planters.


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