Monday, December 19, 2011

Recipe: Egg cooked in an avocado

A recipe from the cooking blog Apron Strings for how to cook an egg inside of a thick slice of avocado kept popping up on my Pinterest feed. I finally had a relaxed morning for this recipe/science experiment.
I ran up to Los Compadres, our local Mexican grocer, this morning to grab the basics, and picked up Goya frozen plantains and frozen cheese arepas as well. (I'm still not entirely sure of the difference between an arepa and a pupusa. Is one corn, and one flour?)

Edit: My pal Luis says arepas are sweet, and pupusas are not.

I sliced the sides off each avocado, creating a thick slice in the middle. I loosened the seed gently with a small knife, and popped it out with my thumb. It's important that whatever side with face your pan is perfectly flat. One of my avocados was cut a bit roughly, and the egg poured right out of the bottom of it.
(Above: Not smooth enough! Egg will pour right out the bottom! Below: Just right.)
Using the small knife, I made the hole large enough to hold one egg. Keep in mind they will expand a teeny bit.

I found it easier to crack each egg into a small cup first in case I needed to fish out any egg fragments. The cup also allowed me to slowly pour each egg into each avocado without a plop and a splash.

On a stove burner from 1-10, I set it on 5, and my pan was already very hot from cooking up the plantains and arepas. I placed the avocados in the pan, slowly poured in the eggs, and covered them. The cover really helped the top parts cook from the trapped heat. Without it, the bottoms of the eggs would have been so burnt before the top set.

I left my yolks a bit soft, and cooked them 8-10 minutes, watching them closely and testing the insides with a knife.

On the avocado I didn't cut smoothly, half the egg poured out, but the mess-up was still tasty. The smooth-cut avocado turned out perfectly, especially with a little pepper.

The plantains and arepas were a good buy. The arepas tasted like cheese-filled cornbread pancakes.

Note: Apron Strings also has a recipe for eggs cooked in bell pepper rings. They look like flowers! I'll have to try this next.
Photo credit: Apron Strings

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