Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Video: Bear in Heaven - "Reflection of You"

My buddies Bear in Heaven released a dizzying new video for "Reflection of You" this week, directed by John Lee of PFFR art collective (Wonder Showzen.)

This track comes across less tribal than their last record, Beast Rest Forth Mouth, and more dancey, in the Holy Ghost! vein.

Their new record I Love You, It's Cool has been streaming slowed down by almost 400,000% since December 12, and will take until April 3 to complete one full play of the record, top to bottom.

The company I work at does their radio promo, so this record has been playing nonstop in the office. 

Can't wait to reunite with these guys in Austin in less than a month. Lots of love for the dear friends at Hometapes, who will co-release this record with Dead Oceans on April 3, 2012.

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