Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Punfest: When Music Folks Get Sick

 A chat with one of my favorite pun-smiths, Candice Jones, of Partisan Records/Figure 8 Management.

Candice:  Our whole office is sick. It's like a symphony of sniffles, sneezes and coughs. We should record it, run it though a few pedals, and release it on Partisan as a new noise band.

me:  nasal band. Neti Potter and the Nasal Spray

Candice:  Lil Sneezy

me:  HAHAHA Johnny Snotten

Candice:  HAHAHAHA

me:  ArabMucinex

Candice:  J NyQuillman

me:  Deer Tick-ling Cough
me: Bob Cold

Candice:  Stephen Mucus and the Sicks. Bronchitis Andronicus. Silver Flus

me:  AHHHHHH. (ri) Co La. flu-ture islands
me:  Odd Fluture. im not tired of this joke yet AT ALL

Candice:  HAHAHAHA sames
Candice:  Zycam'ron
Candice:  Afrin Dunes. instead of Amen Dunes

me:  TYlenol (Cold & Flu) Segall
me:  Flucci Mane
me:  Wacka Hocka Loogie
me:  you realize we get to do this all over again when everyone comes back from SXSW sick, right?
Candice:  Yes. But then we'll have learned more retarded band names at SXSW. I dunno if Wacka Hocka Loogie can be beat though. 


C'mon, yall: Don't let this punfest die. Leave your best in the comments.

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