Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are my SXSW phone pics still worth posting? Were they ever?

Will Blogger ever publish my posts the way they look when I drag the images around? Enough questions for tonight.
Hurry up and wait.

Cheer Up's pink parachute over the patio undulated like a jellyfish.

Niki And The Dove at the Under The Radar party

Coworker Michelle and Stephen from NPR

Deleted Scenes

Coworker photobooth time

Two favorites: Bekah from Sub-Pop and Justin from Aquarium Drunkard.

Bear In Heaven

Someone photographed Candice's pink hair for a bun blog.

Good things.

Another good thing: Local brew.
Pork buns and liberty rice from East Side King food truck

Our showcase!

My work-sibling Steve
Our showcase was at capacity for Hospitality!

I've already worn my new shirt a few times!

John Strohm!

Reece! (Check out Tropical Punk!)

One of my current clients, Diva Dompe. Costume changes for every song!
My first Torchy's! I ordered too much.

My spirit manimal Adam (Bear in Heaven) and our twin buffalo tooth necklaces.

I tried to trade Ethan my shades for his necklace. 

I don't know who these girls are, but I liked their outfits. 

Wild Belle at Billions Corporation

Ganglians at The HGTV Studio

Chris Benton's jacket was so good. 

While booking it down the street, head down to avoid eye contact with drunks, who should I encounter but fellow weary walker/vision in head to toe denim/old pal... Jonny Corndawg!

My friend Dana (Akron/Family)'s new project Dana Buoy



Lykke Li? 

Just Adam and I enjoying a Schlitz. 

Zorch has the best merch. I'll take one awkward hand hold.

Again with that jacket. I can't get enough of it.

Ok. Now I get why everyone's talking about Alabama Shakes. 

The Orwells at Aquarium Drunkard day party. Someone said these guys are 16? 


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    1. It's always exhausting, but a fun time all-in-all! Thanks for checking out the post! Frock-a-zine looks awesome. First chance I've had to browse. Glad you commented and lead me to it!


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