Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SXSW 2012: What I Wore

This year in Austin, I did a little experiment. I wondered if posting a picture each morning of what I was wearing would help the writers, potential clients, and other work contacts I had traded emails with but never met in person recognize me and find me at events. And it worked! (Though some of my Instagram followers and Facebook friends probably think I'm vain now for posting MySpacey pictures of myself in the mirror every day for a week ha!)

It cracks me up watching my face change from ready to conquer to tired:

My top knot got searched at the airport! My friend Candice said I should leave a note or a Cracker Jack prize in there for the flight home, but I forgot. Top: Forever 21. Short: vintage Wrangler, hand me downs from mom. Geode slice necklace: eBay. Earrings: Just The Thing (Atlanta shop.)
Top: High Voltage Vintage at Athens' own, Agora. Skirt: vintage, Agora.

Dress: Forever 21 (current.)

Top: TJ Maxx. Skirt: Forever 21.

Jacket: vintage Levi's, thrifted. Tee: Colossus, NC band. Skirt: vintage, Agora.

Dress: Forever 21. Shirt: Target.

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