Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Nature Designs

Last month I won this pretty little piece of neck candy from a contest from Just Nature Designs hosted by Somethings. I admit that I get excited to win anything, and to receive anything in the mail, so this was a real double doozy for me. 

I'm most excited because this is something I would have bought myself! It's no secret that I love crystals, and at $36, this necklace is reasonably priced for something handmade from quality natural stones. If I hadn't won, I probably would have ordered it. 

So a great big thank you to both Just Nature Designs and Somethings! I've already worn this necklace a bunch, and it's going to become one of my staples. 
The sweet packaging made it feel like even more of a present. Little envelopes to open within more envelopes to open. 
Some of my other favorites from Just Nature Designs: 

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