Thursday, June 7, 2012

Matthew E. White - "One Of These Days"

Has there ever been a Hometapes artist that has just looked so much like a Hometapes artist? Matthew E. White's debut record Big Inner will be out on Hometapes and Spacebomb on August 21.

 Matthew E. White is like buttah. This record is like soaking in a hot tub while the sun sets over the Grand Canyon (a minimal brass band is playing in the canyon) with a drink in your hand surrounded by a few people you love (just a few. Keep it mellow.) A chorus of echoes from Stax Records ghosts chimes in. Please, envelope me in your smooth, soulful, deep voice before I melt into a puddle of bliss. This record is one chill soul hug.

This record has been my afternoon happy-place when the work day bears its toll on my sanity.  Side B features another joyful being, Phil Cook (Megafaun) on piano.

His Tumblr/Twitter bio sums it up best: Sock it unto others as you would have them sock it to you.

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