Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom FINALLY In Athens + Playlists

(Click above for playlists based on characters from Moonrise Kingdom)

While I usually like to wait and see movies at Cine, I caved in last night and saw Moonrise Kingdom at the megaplex. I justified it since as an employee, I don't pay for tickets anyway, so I'm not really taking a sale away from our local non-profit art house, am I? If you have more willpower than I do, it'll be worth the wait to see it with a cocktail in hand at Cine.

I was so pleased with it. All of the little flourishes and motifs I've grown to love Wes Anderson movies for were amplified to a delightful degree, and releasing it at the start of summer was perfect timing. I maybe even teared up at the end? Just a little?

Without giving anything away, I can say that I'd love to have the landscape at the end framed in my house.

Below, the film's music supervisor has "curated a selection of favorites of the denizens of the island of New Penzance." Enjoy!

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