Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pitchfork Fest 2012: Day 1

When you're on the way to Pitchfork Fest in Chicago to be on-site with Olivia Tremor Control for publicity, is there a more fitting gate to fly out of than E6?

A package from Hometapes was waiting for me at the hotel. I've never actually had a package waiting for me at a hotel, so as someone who loves mail, I got a kick out of it.

Mmmm tacos from Big Star. My potato taco was so spicy I had to chug a Mexican Coca-Cola, flip over the picnic table, smash the bottle, and roar victoriously. The only part of that which really happened was the chugging of the Coke.

Loaded up on brunch before the festival at Lula Cafe. Writer pal Matt and rad fellow publicist pal Joan are psyching out the pastries. 

Went on a little adventure after brunch to visit my friends at Thrill Jockey Records. Their office is in a Latino neighborhood with the most beautiful artwork everywhere. Even the metro station had very few surfaces unpainted. Wish I could have spent a few more hours trying some of the restaurants.

Thrill Jockey office

This was outside of Ojala Spiritual Gallery. Wish I'd had time to go inside.

Crowd was packed for Olivia Tremor Control despite the on and off rain. Awesome feeling seeing friends/clients on a jumbotron.
Dirty Projectors

Long overdue to see these ladies: Nevona (Partisan Records, Young One Records) and Jackie (ICM.)

 It was great to see my pal Dean from Spacebomb. As Sibel pointed out, no, I am not wearing a choker. That's just my hair. 

Purity Ring

Heading out in a few to get back at it again for another day of music and thunderstorms!

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