Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Alyssa's Hopscotch Recap

 I was on happiness overload since within 15 minutes of arriving in Raleigh, I got to see three of my favorite residents: Benny (saw playing wizard from Nests/Lonnie Walker, unstoppable and indescribable force of awesome,) Sibel (blog co-conspirator,) and Brian (Lonnie Walker/wearer of neat necklaces.)

Found an art exhibit that looks like my room at the opening reception at CAM.

Benny has some of my favorite tattoos around. He's been adding on to this lamp post and bug collection in brown ink. 
My pal Matthew E. White played with a 30 piece orchestra at Fletcher Opera House. 
His parents, or the Famil E. White as I like to call them,  were proud. 
It's hard to think of many performances I've seen in the past few years that were more meaningful than this one. Everyone in the Spacebomb crew is so full of energy and talent. 
Sleepy bun-head in a Canadian tux.
Sarah's necklace.
New measure of success: having your own burger at Chuck's like my pal's Brad and Adam. 

 The next day, Matthew E. White. and the Spacebomb crew played in a church for Hometapes Friend Island. Slingshot Coffee was there being delicious.
Obligatory blurry Jesus & Mary Chain picture, because it's Jesus & Mary Chain.
Andy from Old Bricks and I via disco ball at Kings.

The morning of our showcase, I woke up to a call that Easter Island had been in a car accident. After thanking the heavens that they were all safe and sound, I moved on to the second freak out: party started soon, load in was sooner, and Easter Island was bringing the backline.  Old Bricks came early with their gear and saved the day, and Easter Island were still early to sound check, because they are angels. After much hugging and being grateful all over again that they were okay, things went off without a hitch! (Unless you count how the line outside soon became a line inside that crushed the bar tab before the first band was over... but that's always a good sign!)
Easter Island
Grass Giraffes
Massive amounts of Hopscotching prevented us from trying Fox Liquor Bar, the one Ashley Christensen joint I've yet to try.
Though Capital Club 16 with Easter Island thoroughly made up for it.
Found a new toy, then learned it probably costs about 1/4 of my yearly earnings.
Spot all three members of Sunn O))) and win a prize!
Kaleidescope app to the rescue when car trip boredom strikes.
My friends Gianna and Bird Call stayed at our house while I was away, and left us sweet presents to come home to!

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