Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Tech Challenges

Another year to document... 
  • Monthly Spotify playlist of:
    • Records I listened to a good bit
    • Records I worked on as publicist or others' campaigns we played in the office a lot
    • Shows I saw
    • Sort of like a musical journal
  • Use Everyday app to do a self portrait series
    • If nothing else, my mom will be REALLY tickled
  • Self portrait a day or week
    • Elsie from A Beautiful Mess discussed this. While it may sound vain at first, I think it would be really challenging. I see myself in the mirror several times per day. I take my body with me on every waking adventure. Not a very interesting subject to me anymore, so finding new angles, approaches, and techniques could be a challenging photo exercise.  
    • Five Tips for Better Self Portraits from A Beautiful Mess
  • Sunday photo recap blog post
    • But what if I don't have any interesting photos that week? Don't let that happen. 
  • Photo an hour for the first day of 2013 
    • Low light, day light, adapt to it all. 
  • Learn to code or at least attempt to   
  • Use the Voice Notes function for iPhone to record my parents telling old stories, or sneakily record heartfelt conversations that are going to probably make me cry someday. 
  • Use Photoshop (or Gimp) more. 
    • Use the same actions to make blog photos consistent
    • This is embarrassing, so I'm shouting it so my embarrassment will motivate me.   
What are some of your goals or projects to document the new year? 

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