Monday, December 31, 2012

Post-Holiday Splurges

I suppose that price-wise, these items aren't really splurges, but every holiday I attempt to put my gift moolah toward car insurance, emergency savings (is it really emergency when your car breaks like clockwork every three months?) etc, and my dad encourages me to put the gift money toward something fun.  Just obeying dad's wishes!

Cut-out Cuff // Forever 21

Gold skirt // ASOS // New Years Eve contender. Again, please fit. 

Moto booties // Forever 21

Ruched piped sports bra // Forever 21 // These things are great. Not as constricting as a regular sports bra, and perfect for low cut button down shirts and tanks with wide arm holes. Kind of a bandeau, except not totally worthless.

Cheetah stud earring set // Forever 21 // Because I was $5 away from free shipping.

Royal blue simple shift dress // ASOS // Long obsessed with royal blue and shift dresses, this is a dream. Please let it fit me.

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