Monday, January 28, 2013

Arrowhead Vintage booth at Agora

Welp, I forgot to make an important announcement way back in November. Arrowhead Vintage, this blog's namesake side-hustle, now has a booth in the brick-and-mortar vintage boutique Agora, in downtown Athens, GA. (I also set them up an Instagram account. Follow @agora_vintage!)

The vintage items are sourced partly from my stock from Ohh, Boy!, a vintage shop I had a few years back with my pal Kimberly, and partly from my own borderline-hoarder closet. I also stock new accessories if you're into American flags, turquoise, skulls, and Southwestern vibes.

After several of you asking if I would ship, I've started working on a storefront page for this blog (thanks for sharing your knowledge, Natasha). It will be new accessories, with the occasional vintage item. I feel better selling most vintage at Agora, unless it's so pristine that I could smoothly sell it to someone based on photos alone. I'm excited to learn more HTML while building the shop page!

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