Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lately: The New Year

 New Years Eve was a blast this year. Sometimes that holiday feels really anticlimactic, but I spent it with great friends. 

Two of our clients, Modern Skirts and Kishi Bashi played at Georgia Theatre. 

 I wanted to make the most out of my one sequin occasion of the year. I was going for Beyonce, But I'm afraid I landed on Kardashian. 

Phillip landed on Gram Parsons with these fancy pants.

Bundled up and ended up channeling Mattie Ross. 

Received a beautiful letterpress save the date that unfortunately falls on the same day as another wedding I'm in. 

Jojo hooked me up with this amazing vintage Western shirt. 

Made more time to revisit a few records at home. 

This month has been full of lots of mellow friend times, like a bonfire to burn heaps of old stage risers. (Thanks, of Montreal!)

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