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Giveaway: Treat. Yo. Self with a Sinus Pressure Relief Facial from Model Citizen

This is our second post about Model Citizen Salon because we just can't get enough.  This post comes from contributor Kimberly Drew.    

I have wanted to try Model Citizen since the day they finished remodeling this beautiful space.  From the first time my father took me to his neighborhood barber shop, the one that his father took him to when he was a child, I have understood that what happens in places like this is necessary, cathartic.  In the age of the internet where being social is quickly exchanged for social media,  Model Citizen is working hard, as their website touts, to "bring back the neighborhood salon with a modern sensibility", and they are doing a wonderful job.  

I had been suffering from horrible sinus congestion thanks to the ever-so-slight change in the seasons that people like me who have allergies feel as subtly as a brick to the face.  Alyssa suggested that I look into sinus massage, and I thought where better to look than Model Citizen's own Stephanie Weaver?

Model Citizen is working hard to "bring back the neighborhood salon with a modern sensibility.
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Sinus season is upon us.  Whether it's the seasons changing, pesky allergies, or a full blown cold, many of us are suffering from unbearable sinus pressure.  I was searching, desperately, for a solution to my own seemingly incessant sinus pressure when I decided to go to Stephanie for help. Neti Pots, medicine, peppermint tea, steam spiked with eucalyptus... you name it, I had tried it.  Alyssa suggested that I look into sinus massage.  I had received facials from Stephanie before and had always had a great experience, and I remembered that as a part of this service Stephanie massages the face and neck to clear the fluid that builds up under the skin of the forehead and in the sinus cavity. Knowing Stephanie personally, I knew that she'd be more than willing to help me out, and she was just that.  When you are a client of Stephanie's, you will be told over and over in the happiest, friendliest voice, "COME SEE ME!" and she means it.

Stephanie had an afternoon opening and I headed in to be the guinea pig for the first ever stand-alone Sinus Pressure Relief Facial.  This service is normally included in Stephanie's facials, but  is now being offered by Model Citizen as a stand-alone service.  Fifteen steamy minutes of bliss later, I felt like a completely new person! I don't want to give away too much (trade secrets, after all), but what I can tell you is the service as a standalone treatment lasts for fifteen minutes and costs $25.  The full service facial is available for $70 and includes much more and will leave you feeling AMAZING.  I felt the effects of my sinus pressure relief facial for at least the two following days, and I was able to prolong the effects using natural expectorants like hot, steamy showers and peppermint tea.  Never before has something worked so wonderfully for me, and although every person is different I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from sinus pressure.

Stephanie "I Can Wax That!" Weaver preparing for my awesome Sinus Pressure Relief Facial 
Head over to Model Citizen and make an appointment with Erin to see Stephanie!

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Kimberly Drew is an Insurance Agent/ Settlement Planner by day and a former Vintage store owner/ seamstress/ artist/ musician/ townie extraordinaire by night. 

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