Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Playlist: October Part 1

So many press releases full of good music land in my inbox, and I have no time to do anything with most of them, because I'm too tied up sending press releases for my clients to other inboxes. I plan to start posting round-up style playlists of new tracks one to two times per month. I do most of my listening on SoundCloud now, which seems to be the simplest way for publicists, labels, and musicians to share downloads and embed code, and their playlist feature sure is convenient. Think of it as your new music roundup. I open all the press releases so you don't have to. Or so you have more time to open mine. I never said this was a selfless gift. 

You can stream the full playlist below, and some tracks allow downloads. 

This first installment includes new music from Scott & Charlene's Wedding, Hand Sand Hands, Easter Island, DMA, White Lung, The Men, Elf Power, The Dream Scene, Estrangers, and more. 

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