Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lately: November

Model Citizen hooked me up with two handy winter hair products. I'd never tried Moroccan Oil and figured it would leave my hair heavy and greasy, but it's weightless, and now I don't have winter static and frizz. This clary sage and lavender hair powder from Lulu Organics helps hair look clean on mornings when it's too cold to drag yourself out of bed and into the shower. I sure love living in a 110+ year old house, but not when it's so cold I'm sleeping in a jacket- and that's with the heat turned on!

Had such a fun time at Recipe For Press' open house, and grateful for this collection of treats from local business and makers like Treehouse, R. Wood, Double Dutch Press, Nicely Built, Community, and more. 

Had fun with my friend ABHfood at Firefly Supper Club's dinner at Cloverleaf Farm just outside of Athens. 

Beautiful Ally White painting

Inside cover lining of The Wes Anderson Collection

My Sick Sad World (from Daria) t-shirt arrived!
Received an amazing hand-me-down surprise: superhero high-top Nikes
Loving these second-hand blue velvet loafers I picked up from MiniPenny's Shop My Closet sale

Desk snack drawer is restocked to fuel me to the end of 2013. 

Hope you're eating well this November!

I wore some stuff:
Vintage Asian jacket from mom, ASOS blue sheath dress for a wedding.
Gap dress for an unseasonably warm day
Yard sale saddle shoes

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