Friday, November 29, 2013

Stay Home Club + Black Friday code

Black Friday? More like Whack Friday, amirite? I'll be spending it on my parents sofa, where I am currently curled up still in pajamas, fighting crowds of my two parents and the family dogs to get to the fridge, which makes today the perfect time to talk about Stay Home Club. I  found out about Stay Home Club after my friend Lauren Gregg made this sweet pennant:

As someone who is grapples with the fact that I don't really like going out, I love this line (once I am out, I always have a good time, it's just the bringing myself to leave the house and go sit at a bar vs. reading, cooking, and working on my projects part I have trouble with...)

Now through Monday, enter the code DAINTYFRIDAY to receive 20% off, plus $5 flat rate shipping in the US of A.

Now go stay home and check out some of my favorite items below:


  1. The phrase "Stay Home Club" may be the greatest discovery of the week. Nay, maybe even the month. Thumbs way up.

    1. Thanks! I love her stuff, and want it all! To wear while I stay home, of course.


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