Friday, March 28, 2014

Copper & Torch

My friend Lindsay of Copper & Torch makes pretty glass nature-keepers to wear or fill your home with. 

A crafty lady of all trades, Lindsay has been working with glass for over decade, and makes everything from jewelry to vases by fusing metal and glass. 

"I love working with glass because of the many dimensions and colors it takes on. When you wear it, the beauty and pigment if your skin shows through. When you place it on your window sill as a vase, your flowers or succulent take center stage and the vase becomes functional yet elegant. The reflections that glass give off are magical - impressions otherwise missed in daily life are captured in the mirror images. It's dangerous. How can something so smooth and clean also cut and create shards only to become sand eventually? It can withstand such heat from flame, yet shatters if tapped too hard. It's an amazing medium."

My favorite items are her terrarium vases. Lindsay gifted me one from the photo above, and it's full of moss on the wall in my kitchen now. I plan to change out its contents with the seasons. 

All of these items hold water, so you could even plant a seed in one of the terrarium necklaces and watch it grow. 

While there isn't much more time to get in on this, Lindsay is giving away a glass jewelry tray with every purchase from her shop in the month of March. 

All photos via the Copper & Torch website. 

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