Thursday, December 25, 2014

How To Dress Like You're In A Dystopian YA Movie

The new Hunger Games movie is in theaters and Divergent is on HBO, so my army kid proclivity for all things military, utilitarian, and tactical is eating up these wardrobes.

There seems to be a formula. Pick at least 3: 
- Really cool jacket
- Military / Army green / fatigues
- Utilitarian / tactical
- Black + grey
- Modern / Futuristic
- Activewear / Nylon / Down
- Dust Bowl era beige and linen
- One piece of esoteric jewelry (bonus points if it contains DNA, a USB drive of secret plans, the coordinates of where you're supposed to meet your parents/love interest after the apocalypse/rebellion, or a note from your mentor/trainer.)

Scroll through below for a wardrobe to my imaginary YA dystopian movie: 
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