Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wish List: Lotta from Stockholm Clogs

I love clogs and clog boots because they give me some extra height without feeling like I'm sacrificing comfort and stability. I think heels can be attractive. Wobbling like the weakest gazelle in the herd.. not so much. I have a curvy back that give me trouble, and I feel like some clogs help my posture and evenly distribute my weight. Others just look good.

I especially love Lotta from Stockholm's selections for how sweet they look with vintage dresses. I keep seeing these beauties all over some of my favorite style blogs.

Every style they sell is handmade. I hope to someday score a pair! Especially into the last pair pictured. Might have to order those... Torn between tan or red... thoughts?

Bonus: The website has a clearance and seconds section.


  1. i've oggled clogs from lotta for a year + finally bought two pairs (seconds) this winter from them. i snagged the braided style in black + the peep toe in natural. i'd choose red- it's lively + sure to brighten up any outfit!

  2. Hej mannen. Jag arbetar för bilservice. Trevlig blogg. Jag vill göra vän med dig.


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