Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A special gift: a Lauren Gregg painting

As some of you already know, my dear canine companion Majesty passed away May 1. I'm so grateful for the love and caring words my friends have shown me this week.

One thing in particular has been especially comforting: the gift of this painting by Lauren Gregg. It was an existing painting of Lauren's, and I had commented previously that the animal looked like Maj. This smiling creature floating up to space to be amongst the stars and the heavens is so special to me. My heart is glowing like ET right now for Lauren and her husband Shil. Now that I think about it, I've never actually owned an original painting before. My jaw dropped when Shil handed it to me at work the next day.

Next to it on my dresser is a collar made for Maj by Jonny Corndawg. I'm so glad I have this as a keepsake.

Thanks so much, friends. Losing a pet ain't easy, but it's worth it to have 'em.

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