Thursday, December 5, 2013

Guest Gift Guide: Beauty Everyday

This holiday season, I gathered gift guides and wish lists from local businesses, creative-types, friends, bloggers, makers, and do-ers I admire. Gifts are by no means the important part of the holidays, but I wanted to give local makers a chance to toot their own horns, and it's fun to peek into friends' wish lists. So far we've heard from beautyeverydayEdith on FashionScoutMobCommunity, and Double Dutch Press. Don't forget to check out the exclusive discount codes many of these shops included in their posts! 

Today's guest post comes from Beauty Everyday, a group of women in Athens, GA who document their creative lives and the unique Southern places they encounter. Rinne Allen has been my friend and neighbor for years. Her studio is a magical hideaway nestled beneath my house (just look at this gorgeous photo set from Trouve Mag) and just running into her in our shared backyard making sun prints or on a stroll with her cute kids leaves me with a little inspiration every time. Kristen Bach owns one of my favorite shops in Athens, Treehouse Kid & Craft, offering craft supplies, gifts, and creative classes for kids and grown-ups alike.  Rebecca Wood is the creative force behind R. Wood Studio Ceramics

They just released a book together (pick one up in town at Avid Bookshop), and are having a book signing at 5&10 Wednesday, December 11. 
Images from Beauty Everyday

These women know Athens inside and out, and have a wide network of local and regional makers, so I'm extra-excited about their gift ideas. If you're outside of Athens, you can still purchase from Beauty Everyday, Treehouse, and R.Wood online stores, and pick up some daily inspiration from the Beauty Everyday blog. 

This year we are encouraging folks to support local businesses as much as possible.  Our city has so much to offer, it's easy to support our local peeps!  For our Arrowhead VIntage gift guide we have made a little gift basket with some of our local favs.  Bon Appetit! - Beauty Everyday
1.  Autumn Print by Hope Hilton available at Double Dutch Press
2. Arrow Print by Megan Fowler available at Arrow
3.  Cine gift card available at Cine
4.  3 Porch Farm goodies  available at the farmers market and at 3 Porch Farm
5.  Our Book Beauty Everyday by Rinne Allen, Kristen Bach, and Rebecca Wood available at Avid, R.Wood Studio, and TREEHOUSE kid and craft
6.  Take Root Calendar by Brown Parcel Press available at TREEHOUSE kid and craft
7.  Homemade Catering gift card  available at Homemade  
8.  Red Mule grits available at Red Mule Grits and the farmers market

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