Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guest Wish List: Edith on Fashion

This holiday season, I gathered gift guides and wish lists from local businesses, creative-types, friends, bloggers, makers, and do-ers I admire. Gifts are by no means the important part of the holidays, but I wanted to give local makers a chance to toot their own horns, and it's fun to peek into friends' wish lists. So far we've heard from beautyeverydayEdith on FashionScoutMobCommunity, and Double Dutch Press. Don't forget to check out the exclusive discount codes many of these shops included in their posts! 

Today's guest post comes from Meredith Thornhill, an Athens friend and host of WUOG show Edith on Fashion. 

ATTENTION all fashionista-yogis!!! This holiday season, with receiving comes giving. Be appreciative of what you receive, yet be selfless. When you give to those you love, may your heart be filled with ANANDA––the Sanskrit word for "bliss"––the utter condition of joy. And of course, stay fashionable this unusually cold's going to be an oddity for the South. - Meredith

**Not Pictured, but still on her list**
The (Make Up) Artist iPhone case $35.00

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