Friday, January 10, 2014

Gilded Palace of Sin Dress // Midnight Rider

The brilliant folks at Midnight Rider have me drooling over the Gilded Palace of Sin Dress: Gram Parson's Nudie suit from this famed 1969 Flying Burrito Brothers album cover and countless photos, screen printed into dress goodness.

Bonus bit of excellence at Midnight Rider:


  1. I used the Enriched Move dress from Anthropologist for our testing supper. It was ideal for the lawn bamboozle we had and combined with silver apartments and a tan cardigan, I can get away with dressed in it to perform sometimes.

  2. Wow!! This dress also looks sound and pretty stunning. I'm extremely willing to buy in such dress to wear and I hope that I will able to buy in such dress very soon. Keep up the good work with more update. :)


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