Thursday, December 19, 2013

Guest Post: Recipe for Press Gift Guide

This holiday season, I gathered gift guides and wish lists from local businesses, creative-types, friends, bloggers, makers, and do-ers I admire. Gifts are by no means the important part of the holidays, but I wanted to give local makers a chance to toot their own horns, and it's fun to peek into friends' wish lists. So far we've heard from beautyeverydayEdith on FashionScoutMobCommunity, Laurel Hill, Dear Hearts, Seed and Plate, Treehouse, and Double Dutch Press. Don't forget to check out the exclusive discount codes many of these shops included in their posts! 

Today's gift guide comes to use from Recipe for Press. Recipe for Press is the brainchild of Amy Flurry, also of paper-cut-project. Her book, workshops, and products offer DIY PR education to entrepreneurs in the Athens community and beyond. 

Not much is cozier than curling up with a great book and a cup of tea, especially around this time of year. Recipe for Press intern Claire has picked out a few of her favorite gift ideas that will thrill any book lover! All of the items featured below are from Recipe for Press DIY PR workshop grads!

DEAL********also, if readers type "thankyou" in the coupon code upon checkout, they will receive 20% off Recipe for Press and the new Pitch Wheel

1. Wolfum Honeycomb Tree Bookend, $62 – Made & State 

2. Book Darts, $10 – Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

3. Louisa May Alcott Sailboat Framed Art, $130, Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. 

4. Parchment Books, $35, Pieces Inc. 

5. Flying Bird Botanical Herbal Teas, $8, Firefly Home

6. Biscotti Tote Bag in Canvas Pinstripe Paprika, $112, Steve McKenzie’s

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