Friday, December 20, 2013

Guest Wish List: Morgangster

This holiday season, I gathered gift guides and wish lists from local businesses, creative-types, friends, bloggers, makers, and do-ers I admire. Gifts are by no means the important part of the holidays, but I wanted to give local makers a chance to toot their own horns, and it's fun to peek into friends' wish lists. So far we've heard from beautyeverydayEdith on FashionScoutMobCommunity, Laurel HillDear HeartsSeed and PlateTreehouse, Recipe for Press, and Double Dutch Press. Don't forget to check out the exclusive discount codes many of these shops included in their posts! 

Today's guest post comes from one of the first people I met in Athens, GA (Russell Hall dorm buds!), Morgan Cogswell of Morgangster. Morgan is one of only a handful real-life Tina Fey's in my life, which you should know is one of the highest compliments I could give. 

Morgan works in Athens as a graphic designer and loves shirley temples, bike riding, breakfast foods, and Netflix. She dislikes olives and writing about herself in the 3rd person. She writes regularly about living in Normaltown and other such things over at her personal blog, Morgangster  and is the music columnist for The Lovely Project. Follow along with her Normaltown Instagram project at #normaltownproject 

"The holidays always stir up a certain amount of nostalgia for me: the traditional decorations, the songs, the unspoken gift-giving rivalry amongst my siblings... 

Though I try to outdo them by coming up with the best, coolest gifts for the best, coolest people I know... mostly I love the look on their faces when they open their gifts. The saying stands... it IS better to give than to receive! Here are some gifts that are on my radar for the many best/cool people in my life." - Morgan

1. evo Haze Styling Powder: If you or someone you love suffers from "baby-hair-mopville" (as the bottle suggests) this stuff is your new best friend. // You can find it here or, if you live in Athens, at Model Citizen Salon. // $29.95

2. Stainless steel wine glasses: The Great Outdoors + Wine. Nothing more needs to be said. // Find them here // $13.52

3. Crosley Cruiser Turntable: Not only will this cool little guy play your records, but also there's a jack for your iPod. // online here // $99.95

4. Encyclopedia of the Exquisite: I received this beautiful book last year for my birthday, and I have enjoyed thumbing through the pages a little at a time ever since. It's exactly what it says it is: "Cleverly illustrated, Encyclopedia of the Exquisite is an ode to life’s plenty, from the extravagant to the eccentric. It is a cele­bration of luxury that doesn’t necessarily require money." // online here // $21.83

5. Artifact Uprising Books: This may be one of the things I'm most excited about this year. I take a lot of photos (Instagram and otherwise) but never really know what to do with all the pictures. These beautiful little books are just perfect for storing all your memories. // online here and via their app // $16.99

6. Glory Glory Prints:  I'm a designer here in Athens and have been selling these Georgia themed prints for a while now. I've just recently moved to having them printed here in town, so this is an exciting new development for my tiny Glory Glory shop. For the holidays, I'm currently offering free shipping on these guys! 11x14 and available in both gray and black. // online here // $18.00

Keep up with Morgan! // blog // shop // design

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